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Startup City Limits

Texas Robotics is participating in McComb's School of Business Startup City Limits to support student entrepreneurs. Startup City Limits is an entrepreneurial showcase and conference uniting hundreds of Longhorns, alumni, Austin businesses, and investors.

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Academy for Robotics Summer Camps

Texas Robotics is co-hosting a summer camp with the Department of Computer Science for high school students.

High school students will work with a small group of peers to assemble and program the Bot’n Roll One A robot. Once assembled, you will learn introductory C++ programming and participate in coding projects that will ultimately allow you to compete in a robot race against other students.

Outside of lab time, students will attend guest speaker presentations, engage in programming with faculty from Texas Robotics, tour UT facilities, and join various social activities. 

June 16 - June 21

June 23 - June 28

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Texas Robotics Portfolio Seminar Series

The Portfolio Seminar Series is an event for Texas Robotics Graduate Students at the University of Texas at Austin. It is held online and in person at 12:00pm every other Tuesday. 

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Texas Robotics Graduate Students Meetings

TRGS meetings are held every Monday at 1pm in the conference room of AHG (2.124). Attendance and participation in the organization is encouraged for all graduate students affiliated with Texas Robotics. 

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There are currently no other upcoming events for Texas Robotics. If you are looking for events for the Texas Robotics Graduate Students organization, please visit their website.

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