Meet our robots!

ACT Hand (ReNeu Lab) - description here.
BWIBots (Learning Agents Research Group) - description here.
Gemini (Personal Autonomous Robotics Lab (PeARL)) - description here.
HARMONY (ReNeu Lab) - description here.
Herbie (Nuclear & Applied Robotics Group): A serial manipulator test-bed for developing software to control HEBI series elastic motor modules. Final application is a serial robotic arm mounted on a mobile base to assist with surveying, maneuvering, and collecting samples in a hazardous environment.
MAESTRO (ReNeu Lab) - description here.
Multi-use Workcell (Nuclear & Applied Robotics Group) - A Yaskawa 7DOF SIA5 with a Robotiq gripper and F/T sensor sits inside a regulation DOE glovebox and is designed to perform multiple manufacturing tasks (both contact and non-contact) in the presence of uncertainty (i.e. without fixitures).
Stewie (Nuclear & Applied Robotics Group) - Stewie is a Universal Robots UR3 acquired by NRG in April 2016. Stewie primarily serves as a testbed for hardware and software applications in industrial robotics. Currently, Stewie is being used to demonstrate the use of a LeapMotion VR controller in teleoperated tasks where fine positioning and motion is required, such as explosive ordnance disposal. Past projects have included the development and test of robotic end affectors.
Toyota Human Support Robot (used by multiple labs) - description here.
VaultBot (Nuclear & Applied Robotics Group) - Inspection robot for use in nuclear and other hazardous environments. With two UR5 manipulators mounted on a husky mobile platform, the VaultBot can perform various types of tasks semi-autonomously. Tasks include: Visual, radiation, thermal, and pointcloud scanning/inspection, teleoperation, completing contact tasks, and navigation using 3D scan data.