Meet our robots!

ACT Hand (ReNeu Lab) - description here.
BWIBots (Learning Agents Research Group) - description here.
Gemini (Personal Autonomous Robotics Lab (PeARL)) - description here.
HARMONY (ReNeu Lab) - description here.
Herbie (Nuclear & Applied Robotics Group): A serial manipulator test-bed for developing software to control HEBI series elastic motor modules. Final application is a serial robotic arm mounted on a mobile base to assist with surveying, maneuvering, and collecting samples in a hazardous environment.
MAESTRO (ReNeu Lab) - description here.
Multi-use Workcell (Nuclear & Applied Robotics Group) - A Yaskawa 7DOF SIA5 with a Robotiq gripper and F/T sensor sits inside a regulation DOE glovebox and is designed to perform multiple manufacturing tasks (both contact and non-contact) in the presence of uncertainty (i.e. without fixitures).
Toyota Human Support Robot (used by multiple labs) - description here.
VaultBot (Nuclear & Applied Robotics Group) - Inspection robot for use in nuclear and other hazardous environments. With two UR5 manipulators mounted on a husky mobile platform, the VaultBot can perform various types of tasks semi-autonomously. Tasks include: Visual, radiation, thermal, and pointcloud scanning/inspection, teleoperation, completing contact tasks, and navigation using 3D scan data.