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  • RoboCup 2016
    The UT Austin Villa robot soccer team participating in an international RoboCup Competition.
  • Building-Wide Intelligence Robots in LARG Lab
    These robots are being designed and programmed to navigate autonomously through the building and interact with people.
  • NRG's Robotic Arms
    Industrial Reconfigurable Anthropomorphic Dual-arm (IRAD) System for use in gloveboxes and other hazardous environments. It replaces or augments operators performing radiochemistry or manufacturing tasks
  • RoboCup 2016
    The UT Austin Villa robot soccer team participating in an international RoboCup Competition.
  • Hume in the Human Centered Robotics Lab
    Hume remains balanced while walking by observing the center of mass position error relative to a reference path and re-planning at every step a new trajectory.
  • ReNeu Harmony upper body exoskelton
    ReNue Lab's HARMON is an upper body exoskeleton designed for rehabilitation
  • Reneu's ACT Hand
    Anatomically Correct Test-bed (ACT) Hand with human-like bones, joints, tendons and muscles
  • Dreamer in the Human Centered Robotics Lab
    Dreamer showing off its beautiful facial expressions, and articulated arms and torso. Researchers are developing novel controllers for Dreamer to achieve collaborative tasks with human users.

Robotics Research

UT Researchers in multiple departments work in many critical fields including healthcare (surgery/rehabilitation), autonomous vehicles, drilling, manufacturing, space exploration, nuclear, and defense.

Robotics Education

UT has world-class opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate education. We offer a Graduate Portfolio Program in Robotics.

We have launched a seminar series in robotics which will be held on every other Wed at 11am in CPE 2.206. Note the new location for the seminar.

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Robotics Outreach

UT researchers regularly host robotics activities to engage the community at-large. These include lab tours, workshops and also on-site demonstrations.

News & Events

Sun, 01/29/2017

Grad School Hub had some kind words to say about our fledgling robotics program, and after just one one year, has us in the top 10 robotic programs in the nation. From their web site: "The University of Texas at Austin only established its robotics program last year, making this one of the youngest robotics engineering degrees in the country. So how is it also one of the best?

Tue, 01/24/2017

Profs. Niekum, Sentis, Stone, and Thomaz were selected to receive an HSR robot from Toyota and will participate in the first RoboCup@Home Standard Platform League in Nagoya, Japan during the summer of 2017.

Threading the needle video
Thu, 03/31/2016

The Nuclear & Applied Robotics Group took its hands-free interface for high precision on the road a few weeks back and deployed the system on a robot at the Southwest Research Institute who were kind enough to produce a nice video of the results.