Robotics is emerging to be a prime technology that can greatly advance a wide variety of industries ranging from healthcare (surgery and rehabilitation), to autonomous driving, to domestic and social applications, to oil, to manufacturing, to space exploration, to hazardous material handling, to military applications. A number of groups at UT Austin conduct world-class robotics research.

Learning Agents Research Group


The Learning Agents Research Group pertain to machine learning (especially reinforcement learning), multiagent systems, and robotics.

ReNeu Robotics Lab

We seek to apply the robotics methodologies and technologies to analyze and understand human biomechanics as well as neuromuscular controls. 

ReWire Lab

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Developing and using technology for neuroscience and rehabilitation.

Nuclear Robotics Group

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The Nuclear and Applied Robotics Group develops and deploys advanced robotics in hazardous environments in order to minimize risk for the human operator.

u-t autonomous Lab

The u-t autonomous group's research is on the design and verification of autonomous, networked systems. The central question we tackle is how to build provably correct protocol-based control systems.