Benito Fernandez
Benito R.
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Fernandez is a specialist in Applied Intelligence: the use of different technologies (that include: Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Artificial Immune Systems, Robust Control, Robust Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis, Automated Modeling, Mechatronics, Evolutionary Design, etc.) to bring about intelligent devices and systems. He is also and expert in Nonlinear Robust Control and Mechatronics. In 1995 he taught with Dr. Bryant the first Mechatronics course for industry in the US. The application areas of his research include: Manufacturing Automation, Industrial Equipment Diagnostics and Prognosis, Evolutionary Robotics, Hybrid (Mixed-Signal) Processors, eXtreme (Resilient) Devices, Underwater ROV Maneuvering, Smart Energy Systems, and Mechatronic Design.