Texas Robotics unites robotics efforts at The University of Texas at Austin with goals to enable deeper collaborations, accelerate and grow research programs, and provide comprehensive educational offerings. Four top ten ranked departments house our core faculty: Computer Science; Mechanical Engineering; Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics; and Electrical and Computer Engineering. The University has dedicated significant resources to support and expand robotics at UT, including funding the renovation of the Anna Hiss Gymnasium, which will become the new home for Texas Robotics; and the hiring of 8 new faculty members, which will result in doubling the original size of our core faculty. Additionally, our Graduate Portfolio Program in Robotics both enables students to attain a certification for their robotics expertise on their diplomas and provides a bi-weekly seminar series accessible to consortium members. We are building on our team’s already exceptional track record for producing world-class research to emerge as one of the world’s top robotics groups.

Texas Robotics’ Industrial Affiliate Program, the Robotics Consortium, forges close relationships between robotics students and researchers at UT Austin and our natural partners in industry. It fuels growth by creating an exchange in which affiliate partners benefit from access to cutting edge research and top talent while University researchers gain a clear understanding of the real-world challenges confronting our partners. Membership in this program is about creating the future of robotics at UT Austin and beyond. Opportunities include directed research, a unique program of embedded researchers in groups within the consortium, premier access for recruitment, and more.



Texas Robotics conducts world-class research in areas including:
· General Purpose Autonomy
· Robotics in Hazardous Environments
· Autonomous Off-Road Vehicles
· Assisted Rehabilitation
· Robotic Surgery
· Reinforcement Learning
· Autonomous Systems
· Human Robot Interaction
· Multiagent Systems


Recognition: Acknowledgement of sponsorship on the Texas Robotics website, on all promotional materials, and at all affiliated events.

Recruiting: Recruit highly qualified students for co-ops, internships and permanent positions through Consortium-facilitated dissemination of career and internship opportunities relevant to studies as provided by affiliate.

Involvement: Invitation to attend robotics-related talks and lectures conducted through relevant university speaker series.

Premier Access: Enhanced access to consulting through Texas Robotics contacts. Additional opportunities for faculty engagement in research collaborations, including use of affiliate equipment in on-campus research.

Engagement: Opportunity for increased engagement with students through classroom interaction, such as guest lectures, projects, and/or mentorship in robotics-related courses.

Education: One affiliate-hosted technical talk or other facilitated on-campus event to interested students promoted by Texas Robotics and relevant academic departments.

Consultation: Work on campus with Texas Robotics faculty, staff, and students for periodic consultation regarding the most advanced technologies. Access live demos and lab tours and engage in tailored one-on-one research discussions with robotics faculty.

Collaborative Research: Ability to submit a nominee for Research Associate: Research Fellow or Visiting Researcher/Scholar. Visiting lecturers and researchers may participate in in-class lecture series, student theses committees, and join in research with robotics faculty and students (subject to university guidelines).

Events: Two attendee registrations to the Texas Robotics Research Symposium and Two invitations to the Symposium VIP dinner and networking event.

Faculty Visits: Annual visit at mutually agreeable dates and locations to industrial affiliate sponsor company from Texas Robotics faculty to present the latest research results from their lab(s).



Affiliation is available to external organizations and government agencies at a membership fee of $50,000 per year. Affiliations are good for one year from the time of the initial commitment. Affiliation is available to qualifying start-up businesses and small businesses at a cost of $10,000 per year.


The following information clarifies terms referenced under Sponsorship Benefits.

Texas Robotics Research Symposium: An annual meeting is held on campus for all members of the program. This gathering provides an important opportunity to meet with faculty and students, exchange technical information and ideas with others, and obtain information on current and future developments in Robotics. This meeting emphasizes the importance of constant interaction and exchange between the university and our affiliate partners via workshops, student activities, research and personal contact. An important part of the affiliate’s role is to ensure that faculty and students are aware of industrial conditions and needs, keeping them current on present development and future plans via a constant exchange of theory and methodology.

Facilitated Access to Students: Technical talks, networking, dissemination of career and internship opportunities, and on-campus interviews are just a few of the ways we work to connect our affiliates with top students. The Robotics Consortium provides a powerful means by which companies can build out a robust talent pipeline.

Technical Talks: Technical talks are one of the cornerstones of academic exchange within the UT robotics research community. Affiliates interested in increasing awareness on the nature of the work at their respective companies are encouraged to lead a technical discussion on the university campus for faculty and students. University staff will help facilitate room bookings and event promotion.

Robotics Speaker Series: Affiliates are invited to attend a variety of relevant speakers series and discussion opportunities at the University of Texas at Austin throughout the course of the academic year. Many of the talks available through these series will be directly focused on robotics. Others will be in related fields, such as machine vision or natural language processing. Affiliates will work directly with their staff relationship liaisons to identify those series of greatest interest and relevance.

Visiting Researcher/Visiting Fellow Affiliation: Affiliates may nominate personnel as Robotics Consortium visiting researchers or visiting fellows, who conduct relevant research on the University of Texas at Austin campus. All visitors must be actively collaborating with UT robotics faculty for the duration of their stay. Visitors may use university resources and their own skills to further their personal interests, deepen their companies’ knowledge of target topics, or both. Visiting researchers bring practical experience that enriches and informs intellectual exchange.Acceptance as a visiting researcher or fellow is subject to relevant university policies and guidelines on a space available basis.

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