Monday, July 8, 2019

Dr. Mitch Pryor is speaking at the Austin Central Library's Austin Forum on Technology and Society on July 9th at 6:15 pm (refreshments start at 5:45 pm). The abstract: Robots have long fascinated humans for their amazing potential, but this is also a very real industry. Industrial robotics is a massive industry, especially in manufacturing, and they are becoming more capable rapidly fueled by advances in AI as well as electronics and precision sensors, machining, and more. New generations of previsions robotics can stock shelves and pick and pack orders in warehouses, pick and inspect fruits and vegetables, and other tasks that  normally required human to do. Robots can do many of these tasks more rapidly and accurately than humans (and they are getting better and faster!), and can be used for dangerous tasks to protect human lives. With continuous advances in capabilities and reductions in costs, we are starting to see more compelling consumer robots emerge with image and voice recognition capabilities. And of course, autonomous vehicles and drones will revolutionize mobility, surveillance, delivery, and more.