Monday, February 16, 2015

On April 4th 2015, the University of Texas at Austin’s Robotics and Automation Society is will be holding our third annual Convention for Unconventional Robotics Movement (CURM). We would like to extend an invitation to you or any of your students with an interest in robotics. Additional CURM information can be found at

We started CURM to foster creativity in robots. Most robotics clubs and competitions use wheels or treads for movement, but many real world robotics applications involve more complicated mechanisms for locomotion. Developing these mechanisms is one of the foremost challenges in the field of robotics today. We want people to explore the possibilities of unconventional robotic movement. In past years, we’ve seen complex mechanical linkages, walking robots implementing machine learning algorithms, and even a hovercraft that could be controlled wirelessly with an Android phone! Our only qualifying criterion is that the robot moves in some unconventional way. If you would like to participate, you or a team can build an unconventionally moving robot and bring it to Austin on April 4th. Alternatively, if you have any current or past research projects that are related, we would love for you to talk about them at CURM as well.