Joydeep Biswas Presented an Accepted Paper at the EAAI

Joydeep Biswas presented paper at the EAAI (Educational Advances in Artificial Intelligence) symposium.

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Joydeep Biswas presented "Making High-Performance Robots Safe and Easy to Use for an Introduction to Computing" at the EAAI (Educational Advances in Artificial Intelligence) symposium, co-located with the AAAI conference, in NYC. The paper (co-authored by Joseph Spitzer and Arjun Guha from UMass Amherst) details a platform that they built to use high-performance soccer robots for introduction to computing workshops. Most prominently, it introduces safety at several levels to preserve high performance without programming burden, and a new language called RoboJS to make programming these robots simple and safe. RoboJS requires just a web browser, and makes programming robots significantly more accessible to novice programmers by adding language-level checks and safety systems.